Monday, October 25, 2010

Kitty Litter Cake

Happy Halloween!!  My mom, bless her, always made Halloween so much fun for us growing up.  We'd have an annual Halloween Party and she would make hillarious spooky treats that were always delicious.  This cake, though the appearance may make you gag, is one of the most delicious cakes I have ever had!  If you can trick your mind into not being grossed out then you and your guests will be in heaven. 

{What you need}
1 white or yellow cake mix, prepared
1 spice or chocolate cake mix, prepared
1 large package instant vanilla pudding, prepared
2 rows white cream cookies, crumbled but not too fine 
(generic oreos, but the vanilla or lemon variety)
green food coloring or cake gel
10-20 tootsie rolls, the long skinny kind
1 cheap kitty litter box, NEW (the dollar store)
1 cheap kitty litter scooper, NEW (the dollar store)

Crumble and combine the cakes in the litter box.  Spoon dollops of the pudding around the crumbled cake and mix it in a little here and there.  Do not over mix.  Put a few drops of green food coloring or cake gel in a bag full of the crumbled cookies and shake until the crumbles are coated with green.  It doesn't need to be even.  Sprinkle the top of the cake with the green cookie crumbles and fluff the cake here and there, but do not mix it all in.  Lastly, microwave the tootsie rolls individually for about 10 seconds each, just until they are warm enough to mold but aren't melted.  Let your imagination loose as you form the tootsie rolls into little "kitty presents" and place them around the cake, fluffing the cake a little here and there so some of them are lightly covered.  You can leave the tootsie rolls out, if you want.  They are the kicker and are the main thing that dissenchants people from trying the cake.  But it is much more fun with them!  Let me know your guests' reactions if you try this:).  Trust me, it really is DELISH.     

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Merut said...

I LOVE THIS! Oh man, I can just imagine the looks on people's faces. I will definitely be testing this out, the first opportunity I have to share it with people. Thanks!

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