Sunday, January 30, 2011

Italian Sodas

I threw a baby shower for my sister and decided to serve these beauts.  So easy, so classy, so fun, and so unique.  They were a major hit, and we will definitely be doing them again soon.

{What you need}
club soda
fruity syrup of choice, often found in the coffee isle
(I had strawberry, raspberry, and peach)
pellet ice
(we get ours from Sonic Drive In)
half and half
whipped cream and cherries for topping, if desired
skinny hot chocolate straws
9 oz (or so) glasses

Pour desired amount of fruit syrup in the bottom of the glass.  Too little will be bland, too much will be bitter.  I fill the bottom of the glass and a little extra.  Fill the glass half way with pellet ice.  Fill glass a little more than half way with club soda.  Top with half and half, leaving about a 1/2 inch from the top.  Stir very well with straw, so that all the fruity syrup is mixed in.  Top with whipped cream and a cherry if you like.
You'll get the hang of it once you start, and you'll figure out your own proportions that suit your taste best.  These are basically just guidelines to start with.  Enjoy!

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