Thursday, May 24, 2012

Brazilian Limeade

Found this winner on pinterest and have made it twice within the past few weeks.  It is so refreshing and the perfect companion to the warm weather we've been having here in Utah.  It is super easy but fancy enough that we have served it at bridal showers and it is a major crowd pleaser.

{What you need}
8 juicy limes
2 cups sugar
12 cups cold water
12 T sweetened condensed milk

**I do this in two-three  installments...
Combine the water and sugar the night before (not the end of the world if you don't do this...).  Cut the limes in quarters.  In a large blender, blend the sugar water with the limes (rind and all) and sc milk.  Pour the liquid into a large pitcher through a fine-mesh strainer, pushing the liquid through with a spoon to make sure you get it all through.  If it is a little bitter go ahead and add a little more sugar until it suites your tastes.  Serve immediately over lots of ice as it doesn't keep that well.

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