Saturday, October 1, 2011

D. Family Gala Menu

This weekend is General Conference and I've decided to make a tradition out of making it a huge deal.  What better way to create tradition {and keep it exciting} than delicious food!  So in true D. Family style, we are having our first annual General Conference Gala on Sunday in between sessions, complete with Church trivia games, frisbee, and, of course, delicious nummies appropriate for the new fall season.

{Here is what's on the menu:}

Joelle's Stuffed Mushrooms {congrats on getting married yesterday, Joelle!!}
plenty of fresh fruit and veggies

Can you picture it?  It will be quite the spread, I'm so excited!!  Nothing like food and faith to bring family together in a fabulous way.  Hope you all enjoy your conference weekend!!

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