Fast and Healthy Ideas

I love food, but sometimes it loves me back a little too much.  
I try to watch what I eat and to take care of myself, but my good 
intentions are often foiled by my busy schedule. Here are some 
quick ideas for the busy person who still wants to eat responsibly 
and feel great. And please email me ideas you have and I'll share 
them with the NUMMIES world.

BREAKFAST - 10 min. (250 cal.)
Fruit smoothie (either fresh or frozen) made with rice/skim milk
* Bananas are great for a natural sweetener for shakes, but 
keep in mind that they can have up to 200 cal., so use half of one
Oatmeal with a little milk and fresh fruit
Cream o Wheat with a little milk and fresh fruit
Omelette with mushrooms and green pepper w/salsa
Scrambled eggs w/cheese and salsa

MID-MORNING SNACK - 0 min. (100 cal.)
Fresh cut up fruit (apple, orange, peach, whatever is in season)
Dried fruit (5 prunes = 100 cal.)
String cheese (70 cal.)
Nuts (small amount)

LUNCH - 10 min. (250 cal.)
Spinach salad w/fruit (apple), craisins, and 
chopped nuts 1 can of green beans, drained
and heated (70 cal.)
Small corn cheese quesadilla (200 cal.)
Tuna or chicken salad w/lettuce wrap instead 
of bread
Raw vegetables n dip Cottage cheese 
on spinach w/an apple and almonds Salad w/
cooked chicken and veggies Canned soup (Low sodium)

Rice cake snack bites (10 cakes = 70 cal.) 
- lots of different flavors
Air popped popcorn lightly buttered and 
salted Corn chips and salsa Raw veggies n dip
Apple or other fresh fruit

DINNER (400 cal.)
Brown rice, steamed veggies
Chicken stir fry
Broiled salmon
Grilled, seasoned chicken n brown rice
Taco soup
Roasted vegetables
Chicken fajitas
There are so many other ideas for dinner

TREAT (100 cal.)
Frozen yogurt bar
Juice bar (80 cal.)
5 chocolate kisses

Buy fresh sirloin steak (4 pieces) at Costo, cut 
them into fourths and freeze them individually. 
For about $16, you get 16 meals. Season and 
cook in a pan right on the stove!

Go to the grocery store on Saturday or Monday 
and cut up ALL VEGETABLES right when you get 
home for easy access to raw or steamed veggies.

Buy brown rice from Costo. Cook a lot at a time 
and freeze it in individual serving sizes for easy 
access for dinner.

Buy fresh chicken and ground beef and freeze it in 
individual serving sizes. As for grilling chicken, season 
and grill right on the pan, or a george forman grill. 

For cooking ground beef, just cook it right on the stove.

They have really good seasoning stuff for meat at Costo. They
also have frozen "stir fry vegetables" that come in a big bag. 
They sell rice milk in bulk and it is much cheaper than 
getting it at the grocery store and can be stored for a while.

Get snacks ready for the week right when you get 
home from the store. Air pop your popcorn and 
cut up veggies. Everything else for snacks is pretty 
much ready to eat.

All lunches can be taken on the go, you might just have to put
it together the night before.

(Compliments of Lindsay Knudesen)

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