So Ya Know

Something I have been struggling with ever since I started this blog is how to document the outcome of each recipe.  I know how important pictures are on blogs, but I do not take my own pictures.  And I have felt funny about that since the very beginning.  However, I am not a photographer, much to my chagrin.  I don't even have my own camera.  Am I terrible?  Don't answer that.

I want this blog to be aesthetically pleasing so that people are drawn to the delicious recipes and give them a chance.  If I took my own pictures, or didn't have pictures, I don't think that would happen.  So I try to find pictures online that look as good as the recipes on this blog taste.  I still feel a little funny about it, but  giving you this disclosure helps me feel a little better.  Also, I always leave the source of where the original image is from, so feel free to go check out those if you don't feel good about the route I've taken.  But once you try these recipes, I don't think you'll be too concerned about me not taking my own photos.  They're pretty dern nummy, if I do say so m'self.
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